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  • Antidiabetes drugs correlate with decreased risk of lung

    Patients with DM are not at increased risk for the development of lung cancer, but the use of antidiabetes drugs would considerably decrease the risk. In this cohort, male sex, age, pulmonary tuberculosis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease were all associated with an increased risk of lung c

  • In People with Cancer, Responses to COVID-19 Vaccines Vary

     · People with blood cancers seem to be less protected by COVID-19 vaccines than those with other types of cancer and people without cancer, three new studies suggest. Experts believe the vaccines’ limited effectiveness is likely due to patients’ weakened immune systems.

  • Salvestrols cause cancer cell death CANCERactive

     · Salvestrols cause cancer cell death. Salvestrols are natural 'pro-drugscompounds found in plants and fruits, which on contact with the CYP1B1 enzyme unique to cancer cells, convert into poisonous compounds that kill the cell they were discovered by Professor Gerry Potter, who also helped create prostate cancer drug, Abiraterone.

  • 38 Drugs Facing Patent Expirations and Generic Entry in

     · 38 Drugs Facing Patent Expirations and Generic Entry in DrugPatentWatch ® Estimated Loss of Exclusivity Dates. The content of this page is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

  • Xconomy Gilead Adds “Cornerstone” Cancer Drug in $21B

     · Xconomy San Francisco — . Gilead Sciences is acquiring Immunomedics in a $21 billion deal, the latest in a string of transactions the company has made to bolster its cancer drug

  • Some Myeloma Patients Get No Protection From COVID-19

     · Some Myeloma Patients Get No Protection From COVID-19 Vaccines. WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- Because they're often given drugs that suppress their immune systems, people battling a blood cancer known as multiple myeloma have varying responses to the COVID-19 vaccine, new research shows. Some patients had no evidence at all of

  • Drug Delivery Vol 28, No 1Taylor & Francis

    A novel nasal co-loaded loratadine and sulpiride nanoemulsion with improved downregulation of TNF-α, TGF-β and IL-1 in rabbit models of ovalbumin-induced allergic rhinitis. Soad A. Mohamad, Mohamed A. Safwat, Mahmoud Elrehany, Sherif A. Maher, Ahmed M. Badawi & Heba F. Mansour. Pages .

  • Cancer drugs A to Z list Treatment for cancer Cancer

    There are many cancer drugs and cancer drug combinations. They have individual side effects. The list includes chemotherapy, hormone therapies, targeted cancer drugs and bisphosphonates. The drugs are listed in alphabetical order by pharmacy (generic) name and brand name. A to Z list of cancer drugs including combination treatments

  • People taking anti-inflammatory drug mount a weaker

     · People taking anti-inflammatory drug mount a weaker immune response to COVID-19 vaccine. One-quarter of people who take the drug methotrexate for common immune system disorders -- from rheumatoid

  • Anti-Cancer Drugs

     · Anti-Cancer Drugs reports both clinical and experimental results related to anti-cancer drugs, and welcomes contributions on anti-cancer drug design, drug delivery, pharmacology, hormonal and biological modalities and chemotherapy evaluation. An internationally refereed journal devoted to the fast publication of innovative investigations on therapeutic agents against cancer, Anti-Cancer Drugs

  • Gamma photon protection properties of some cancer drugs

    Chemotherapy stops or slows down the growth and proliferation of cancer cells. Chemotherapy usually uses in combination with, surgery, radiotherapy or other treatments. Therefore, it is useful to calculate the photon interaction parameters to determine the energy accumulation and penetration in tissue due to the interaction of cancer drugs with radiation.

  • Role of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) in

     · The nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are commonly prescribed by medical practitioners in many clinical conditions for the symptomatic treatment of pain and fever. Due to their anti-inflammatory properties, these drugs have been investigated for their anticancer effects in numerous studies. This is because chronic inflammation has long been linked to carcinogenesis.

  • About sex and chemotherapy Cancer in general Cancer

    About sex and chemotherapy. Some people carry on with their sex lives as normal during chemotherapy. Others find their treatment changes how they feel emotionally or physically. Some changes are simple and won’t last long. They won't affect your sex life permanently. Your anxiety might not seem related to

  • Orphanet About orphan drugs

    The number of patients affected by this disease in Japan must be less than 50 000 on the Japanese territory, which corresponds to a maximal incidence of four per ten thousand. There is a significant proportion of multinational companies, including Japanese companies that market orphan drugs.

  • Hydrogen is Serious Medicine for CancerDr. Sircus

     · Hydrogen is a new method for the treatment of lung cancer. “H2 inhibited cell viability, migration and invasion, and catalyzed cell apoptosis and H2 induced A549 and H1975 cells G2/M arrest. Besides, H2 down-regulated the expression of NIBPL, SMC3, SMC5 and SMC6, and also reduced the expression of Cyclin D1, CDK4 and CDK6.

  • Flawed evidence underpins approval of new cancer drugs

     · However, only 17/53 (32%) cancer drugs approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency from 2003 to 2013 had clinical trial evidence of improved quality of life. Patient safety was improved for 8 (15%) cancer drugs but worsened for 24 (45%). 5. In a linked paper in The BMJ, Naci and colleagues (doi 10.1136/bmj

  • Cancer Journals CancerIndex

     · X. 7475. American Society of Clinical Oncology. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. . 5300. Oxford University Press. Cancer and Metastasis Reviews. .

  • Cancer patients show good COVID immune response to vaccine

     · Cancer patients are at high risk for SARS-CoV-2 infection and complications, including death, owing to both the malignancy and related therapies. However, the level and duration of immune response to mRNA vaccines such as Pfizer's in cancer patients, as well as what they mean in terms of protection against coronavirus, is undetermined.

  • Questions Adult Males Have About Cancer and Sex

     · Every person with cancer is different, and there are many different types of surgeries and treatments for cancer. Sexuality and intimacy have been shown to help people face cancer by helping them deal with feelings of distress, and when going through treatment.But, the reality is that a person's sex organs, sexual desire (sex drive or libido), sexual function, well-being, and body image can be

  • Drugging the 'undruggable' cancer targets Nature Reviews

     · Cancer drugs have evolved since 1939, when Charles Huggins used synthetic hormones to treat prostate cancer. The first chemotherapy drug, mustine,

  • Medications for Treating Bone Metastases From Cancer

     · Bone metastases occur in roughly 70 percent of women with metastatic breast cancer (bones are the most common site of metastases), and bone metastases from breast cancer are a significant cause of pain and disability for these women (and men). For many of these people, bone metastases are the first sign that the cancer has recurred after years or even decades of remission.

  • Welcome to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

     · Promotion of Balancing Work and Family. Health and Welfare Services for the Persons with Disabilities. Social Welfare. Long-Term Care, Health and Welfare Services for the Elderly. Employment Security. Human Resources Development. Labour Standards. Equal Employment. Part-Time, Dispatched, and Fixed-term Workers.

  • Metformin and increased cancer survival CANCERactive

     · Metformin appears capable of preventing cancers in people with type-2 diabetes, and increasing survival in a wide variety of cancersbreast, prostate, ovarian, colorectal, NSCLC and more because it has several potential actions against cancer it reduces blood glucose, inhibits insulin and IGF-1 production, reduces cholesterol and has an indirect effect on reducing m-TOR levels.

  • Bisphosphonates for breast cancerMacmillan Cancer Support

    Adjuvant bisphosphonates. If you have early breast cancer, bisphosphonates can sometimes lower the risk of it spreading to the bone. This is called adjuvant treatment. You have bisphosphonates for 3 to 5 years. This treatment is usually given if you have a higher risk of the cancer coming back, and you have been through the menopause.


    Latest global data on cancer burden and alcohol consumption More than 740 000 new cases of cancer in 2020 attributed to alcohol. A new study led by scientists from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) shows that an estimated 741 000

  • Cancer Journals CancerIndex

     · X. 7475. American Society of Clinical Oncology. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. . 5300. Oxford University Press. Cancer and Metastasis Reviews. .

  • Tioguanine Cancer information Cancer Research UK

    Cancer drugs can interact with some other medicines and herbal products. Tell your doctor or pharmacist about any medicines you are taking. This includes vitamins, herbal supplements and over the counter remedies. Tioguanine contains lactose (milk sugar).