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  • Vialok® Vented Vial Access Devices Yukon Medical

    Vented vial access devices can be used on a variety of vials. They feature a .2 micron filter that minimizes aerosols and surface contamination while neutralizing vial pressure. Non-vented vial access devices are a great choice for use on small, low volume vials. Vented vial access devices available in universal, 13mm, 20mm, and 28mm sizes.

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    Here is a list of the major products of our subgroups in the fields of health care and nutrition, and their areas of application.

  • Mix2Vial Transfer SetCSL Behring

    4 ®Open the Mix2Vial filter transfer set by peeling off the lid. Do not remove the transfer set from the blister package. 5 Place the Sterile Water for Injection vial on an even, clean surface and hold the vial tight. Take the transfer set together with the blister package and push the spike of the blue adapter end straight down through

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    13366 Grass Valley Avenue, Suite B Grass Valley, CA 95945. 530.272.8700. [email protected]

  • Blunt NeedleNeoMed, Inc.

    Used by clinicians to draw up medication from vial, glass ampules, and bottles, the blunt needle is designed with an ENFit connection, allowing current ENFit customers to connect the blunt needle to an ENFit syringe. Assembled with a protec­tive sheath. Features a 5µm filter for filling from glass ampules. 18 gauge stain­less steel needle

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    TouchMonitor TMR7 with scalable modular software is available in two versions . in a sturdy table-top frame with movable table-stand (approx. 245 x 165.5 [185.5] x 46.5 [95] mm, W x H x D [with table-stand]) and power supply as TMR7 without case and without power supply as panel-mount unit TMR7OEM (approx. 188 x 109 x 45 mm, W x H x D) each with specific audio interface (see above),

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    Spike with 0.2 μ Air Eliminating Filter, Needle-Free (1) Vial Converter Ring, NonDEHP (1) With 0.22 µ Filter, Vented (1) 1 Inch L Tube, 0.123 ml, Clave Needleless Port, Gravity, Single Dose, NonDEHP (1) 10 to 50 mL (1) Vial Adapter OnGuard™ Tevadaptor®

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    here we have anotherrarefind. this is an original civil war doctors apothecary wallet. the wallet is leather measuring 6 3/4" x 4" and contains 9 glass vials. each vial has hand written product information and instructions for use. each glass vial is approx 3 1/2" including metal screw top(8 vials are matching) one vial has a cork stopper.

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    Make sure that the filter disc is not in the center of the vial during the Zero and Read steps. Make sure that the filter disc is more than 20 mm (0.8 in.) or less than 10 mm (0.4 in.) from the bottom of the vial. If necessary, move the filter disk by gently swirling or by lightly tapping the vial on a table top.

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    vial adapters/dispensing pins miscellaneous anesthesia cannula cannula CO2 absorbents CO2 absorbents CO2 detection CO2 detection laryngeal mask airway HMEs and filters mouth props mouth props nasal hood/mask nasal hood/mask KING laryngeal tube KING laryngeal tube

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    MultiScreen Punch Kit for 4 mL vials. To be used with the Samplicity Filtration System. Powered by vacuum, the system takes minimal manual effort to filter 1 to 8 samples into standard HPLC vials in seconds, with higher recovery than syringe filters provide. To

  • Mix2Vial® Reconstitution System and Needle-Free Transfer

    The Mix2Vial ® Reconstitution System enables simple, fast vial-to-vial transfer and mixing for the reconstitution of lyophilized drug products. The reconstituted drug is available for immediate aspiration into the syringe used for injection. The Needle-Free Transfer Device enables rapid transfer of a diluent from a vial into a lyophilized vial

  • DailyMedOXERVATE- cenegermin-bkbj kit OXERVATE

    Oct 28, 2020 · The spike of the vial adapter should pierce through the vial’s rubber stopper. After the vial adapter has been connected correctly, do not remove it from the vial. Note After the vial adapter is connected to the vial, OXERVATE can be stored in the refrigerator between 36°F to 46°F (2°C to 8°C) for up to 12 hours. If needed, the OXERVATE

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    Vial Adapter with Clave™ — allows vial access (13-20 mm) with luer tips of syringes. Product Numbers List Number shop.icumed Number EDI Number Nominal Length 2" / 5.08 cm Tubing I.D. 0.090" Priming Capacity (Approximate)

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    An orifice reducer is a bottle insert that ensures only small amounts of product are dispensed at one time. Orifice inserts are a popular addition to the packaging design of a variety of industries specializing in oils, tinctures, and other liquids.


    • Filter the reconstituted product to remove potential particulate matter in the solution. Filtering is achieved by using the vial adapter. 1. Warm both unopened KOVALTRY vial and prefilled diluent syringe in your hands to a comfortable temperature (do not exceed 37°C or 99°F). 2. Remove the protective cap from the vial (A).

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    Single Vial Adapter for attaching one 10R reagent vial to a CliniMACS Prodigy® Tubing Set.Sterile and non-pyrogenic fluid path.One package unit contains five pieces of sealed Single Vial Adapters for single use. Great Britain


    • Filter the reconstituted product to remove potential particulate matter in the solution. Filtering is achieved by using the vial adapter. 1. Warm both unopened KOVALTRY vial and prefilled diluent syringe in your hands to a comfortable temperature (do not exceed 37°C or 99°F). 2. Remove the protective cap from the vial (A).


    Oct 16, 2007 · The filter media allows the passage of air to the atmosphere outside the vial for pressure equalization. In another aspect, a third filter medium is used in the vent of the adapter to allow gas to pass in either direction through it, but prevents bacteria and particulate matter in the atmosphere from reaching the second filter device.

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    Filter By. Filter By. category Interlink™ injection sites, needleless access of a single dose vial (1) Luer needle Adapter Kit (2) Barrel Reservoir and Piston Kit

  • Adapter Assembly Syringe Barrel Adapters Nordson

    Each adapter assembly is precision molded for secure attachment to the syringe barrel with minimal effort, making its connection to the air output of a fluid dispensing unit fast and seamless. General purpose and ESD-safe adapter assemblies are available

  • DailyMedOBIZUR (antihemophilic factor- recombinant

    Apr 27, 2021 · Place the vial adapter over the OBIZUR vial and firmly push the filter spike of the vial adapter through the center of the OBIZUR vial's rubber circle until the clear plastic cap snaps onto the vial (Figure F). Figure F 10. Push the plunger down to slowly inject all of the diluent from the syringe into the OBIZUR vial. 11.

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    Remove the lid film of the vial adapter packaging, but do NOT remove the vial adapter from its packaging. Holding the vial adapter packaging, position the vial adapter on top of the vial and push it fully down so that it snaps in place, confirmed by an audible “click.” Lift the packaging off the vial adapter with a vertical movement.

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    download.English, PDF (2 MB) All EMVA DataacAum. CAD / Technical Drawings. CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drawings for the Basler ace contain technical drawing of the camera in 2D and a volume model in 3D. 3D Print Models for a Bracket between a Basler

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    Aug 24, 2020 · The vial adapter is sterile. Do not remove or touch the vial adapter. • Remove the alcohol prep pad from the top of the Betaseron vial. Pick up the vial adapter in the blister pack. Turn over the blister pack keeping the vial adapter inside. Put the adapter on top of the Betaseron vial. Push down on the adapter until it pierces the rubber top

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    Product Name. Nominal Length. Tubing I.D. Drop Size. Y-Site Type. Number of Y-Sites. Product Image. . 5 mL Vial Adapter with Clave™ Connector.

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    Vial adapters are a cost-effective solution for the safe and rapid transfer and reconstitution of drugs between vials and syringes. Vial adapter spike technology provides a reproducible engineered depth. for drug and diluent aspiration, which greatly reduces the end-user variability associated with traditional needle aspirations and helps