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    Pressure Sensors. Ashcroft ® pressure sensors, transducers and transmitters are designed to meet harsh installations demands for low or high temperatures, high shock and vibration. Our sensors include a wide selection of models for HVAC/R, food industry, pharmaceutical, off road vehicles, hydraulic and pneumatic and the semiconductor industry.

  • Resolution and Frequency Response in Pressure Transducers

    The frequency response of a pressure transducer is a measure of how quickly the pressure transducer can respond to changes in pressure. There are two ways to define this response time and flat frequency response. Response timesometimes called the sensor time constantis the time, in seconds, required for a sensor signal to change from

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    P55 General Purpose Pressure Transducer and Transmitter. Rugged DP transmitter. For liquid or gas service. 4-20 mA Two-wire, VDC. Full Scale Ranges from 2.22 inH2O to 10 KPsi. Excellent temperature characteristics. NEMA 4 Housing. 0.25%, 0.1% or better accuracy. Now available in 316SS and Inconel.

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    Pressure transducers are also available in a wide pressure measuring range. We offer a wide range of different non-linearity classes and different output signals. Choose a pressure transducer if your application’s control systems are sophisticated, continual monitoring is needed, and/or high accuracy and repeatability are required.

  • BD-Power Pressure Transducer Upgrade Kit

    The BD-Power Pressure Transducer Upgrade Kit for your Dodge 5.9L Cummins Automatic is designed to fix one of Chrysler's top warranty failures. One of the leading causes of faults with the 47RE & 48RE Dodge Transmissions is failed governor pressure transducers. Which has become even more prevalent on performance transmissions that run higher line pressures.

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    G2 Pressure Transducer. The Ashcroft ® G2 pressure transducer combines performance with value to meets the requirements of original equipment manufacturers. The field-proven polysilicon thin film pressure sensor provides excellent overpressure capability and outstanding durability despite substantial shock and vibration.

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    Pressure readings as well as a temperature and calibration information like model number, serial number, last calibration date are available via USB. The P61 USB pressure transducer has 1/8 inch female NPT pressure connections and measures just 1.5 x 1.5 x 5 inches overall. The P61 is powered by the 5 Vdc USB and draws just a few mA.

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    Measure your equipment’s pressure and send the data directly to a development board or single-board computer. Also known as transducers, these transmitters convert pressure into an electrical I 2 C signal and transmit it to your board.

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    General Purpose Pressure Transducers with Adjustable Zero & Span PX603-PX613-PX605-PX615. This series has a thin film design for excellent long term stability with adjustable zero and span available in several output and connection options.

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    A.K.O., Inc. assembles and calibrates Pressure Transducers to state-of-the-art accuracy.These advanced designs are easily mounted in our Hydraulic and Pneumatic Calibration Systems and adapt to a variety of pressure-controlled torque applications. AKO transducers have the highest accuracy in the Torque Calibration industry at 0.1% of reading.

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    HYDAC HDA 4445-A 907552 PRESSURE TRANSDUCER. Out of stock

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    Over the years, bonded strain-gage pressure transducers have provided a convenient, accurate and reliable means of measuring fluid pressure. The present day foil strain-gage is far more sophisticated than it's wire-gage ancestor. Going from wire to foil in the early 1950's brought about major improvements in


    Manufacturer WIKA Type PRESSURE TRANSDUCER Model S-11 Part No. Pressure Range 0..160 mbar Overload Safety Pressure 1 bar Signal 420 mA Rise Time 1 ms Supply Voltage 1030 V DC Fluid Temperature Range 15 25 °C Connection 1 inch Weight 0.37 kg

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    As a worldwide distributor of Air Compressor Pressure Sensors & Switches , we export and sell air compressor Pressure Sensors & Switches in USA, United Kingdom (UK) & Great Britain (GB), UAE & Dubai, Qatar, Middle East, KSA, Jordan, Europe, Asia, Africa. To learn more about the Products & Services NPS Compressed Air Parts® offers for your air

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    USD $1,064.00. Pressure Transducer with SDI output, custom range 0-274m (0-900ft) range, stainless steel case. 60ft of cable and desiccant included. Pressure Transducer quantity. .

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    EPB Pressure Sensor Probe. EPB is a small pressure probe sensor, small profile, stainless steel, flush mount transducer designed for general media. EPB is offered in pressure ranges from 0-5 to 5000 psi (0-0.35 to 350 bar), vented, sealed, and absolute pressure.

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    Pressure sensors / Vacuum sensors. Sensors and transmitters with integrated evaluation. Specially for the use in hygienic applications. Excellent overload protection and long-term stability. Measuring ranges of -1600 bar. Variable process connection using adapters. Select by application.

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    Choose the right Pressure Transducer with our Product Advisor. Kulite is a global leader in the engineering of transducers, including pressure transducer sensors, with over 350 patents across varying technologies.

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    Manufacturer RMP Type PRESSURE TRANSDUCER Model P50VR Pressure Range 0400 bar Max. Operating Pressure 1200 bar Supply Voltage 19 26 V DC Fluid Temperature Range -25 185 °C Connection ½ inch Weight 0.63 kg

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    It offers a standardised interface and frequently is also referred to as a pressure transmitter or pressure transducer. Variations You can have a WIKA pressure sensor in numerous variants Around 176 measuring ranges are available from 0.36 to 200,000 psi in the main international units, as gauge pressure, absolute pressure and vacuum, but also

  • Type 500 Electro-Pneumatic I/P Transducer (I/P, E/P

    The Type 500X is available in two different versions. The lower range model is designed for standard process control applications which typically utilize a 3 to 15 psig (0.2 to 1 bar) output. The extended range unit provides up to 145 psig (10 bar) output for higher pressure industrial pneumatic and process control system requirements. Max.

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    Sep 05, 2018 · A pressure transducer often called a pressure transmitter, is a transducer that converts pressure into an analog electrical signal. Although there are variou

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    Pressure Sensors & Transmitters manufactured by Durham Instruments, are designed to sense pressure then convert it into an electric signal, where the pressure applied depends upon the amount. We are an industry leader for high-quality pressure sensors and transmitters, with the solutions to improve your unique application.

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    These vacuum/pressure gauges are ideal for applications where controller size and local control are critically important. They are available as pressure transducers with an analog output, or as vacuum modules with digital communications used to transmit the pressure

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    The system comprising of pressure sensors continuously monitors the pressure difference and measures the exact pressure at all times. An absolute pressure sensor is a sensor, which measures the pressure of a single room and displays the exact pressure reading. A basic differential pressure sensor consists of two absolute pressure sensors.

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    Dec 31, 2016 · Pressure transmitter Output signal is current loop such as 4-20mA or 0-20mA, which can be transmitted over very long distances with same current flow in all parts of the loop. Pressure transducer Output signal is voltage (sometime mill volt) such as 0-10Vdc, 0/1-5Vdc, 8-24Vdc/ac, 11-30Vdc/ac etc. however we’d admit volt drops and

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    Manufacturer RMP Type PRESSURE TRANSDUCER Model P50VR Fabrication Number 871271 Pressure Range 0 250 bar Max. Operating Pressure 750 bar Supply Voltage 19 26 V DC, 3 A Fluid Temperature Range -25 185 °C Weight 0.25 kg